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J-Tery's Bio: 

My name is J-Tery. I’m 38 years of, born in Chuuk F.S.M. Raised there for 6 years and moved to Guam USA and grew up there for the rest of my grade school years. I follow 2 older brothers and a sister, the rest of my siblings are younger than me. I grew up in a big family, well-mannered and polite mainly because of our religious beliefs. One of my older brothers has a naturally gifted talent in drawing. He drew amazing pictures out of his mind that’s well advanced for his age. I believe he was 10 when he started drawing amazing pictures that looked 3D and I was impressed and every time I see his drawing, I would wish that I could draw like he does. So, I started by tracing over his art which would always make him so upset but still did not quit drawing and I didn’t quit tracing either.


I would spend most of my days practicing to draw . Then in 7th grade there was an art contest. The topic was something of unity and I was blessed with second pick for $75.00 for the art that I drew and this was an Interscholastic art contest in Guam and I also won first pick for $100 for a cultural art contest.  I took advance art in 8th grade, handicraft and carving. I love to sing although I am not blessed with the talent to play any musical instrument. I am still blessed with the ability to draw. Drawing also sooths the soul and I believe this because when I draw, I forget my pain.

J-Tery 5986-Butterfly [Poster 12 x 16]

  • Thank you for purchasing and supporting our CARE Project artists. The purpose of the CARE Project is to help these talented artists market and sell their artwork so they can earn money for their transition back to their communities.

    When you purchase an art piece, after printing and fulfillment expenses, we pay the artist 60% of the proceeds, and 40% goes to the WorkNet CARE project so we can assist artists with reentry support services.

    We help our artists with services such as getting their ID documents, finding employment, housing, and other services they need for a successful transition.

    Our artists come up with innovative ways of creating their art since they have limited access to art supplies. They may create their drawings on envelopes, and folders, or render their drawings on two pages. This is why you might see a line in the middle of their drawing.

    When the prison allows us, we can provide them with colored pencils or pens so they can draw. What you see in their drawings is a resilient artistic expression that emerges regardless of adversity.

  • This is an unmatted poster print.

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