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Restoring Lives, Strengthening Communities

WorkNet is an innovative non-profit that prepares prison inmates for a successful reentry into community living to reduce recidivism. We specialize in offender reentry services. 


Our SERVICES include helping our clients find jobs, secure housing, obtain a driver's license, and restore identity documents so they can have a higher success rate with their reentry process and community living.


We work with clients while they are in prison at least 6 months prior to their release and we continue to assist them when they reenter the community. This model provides our clients with a continuum of care which has proven effective in reducing recidivism.


We design our client services based on current criminogenic research and evidence based practices. 


WorkNet was founded in 2000 and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

WorkNet's Innovative Programs

Correctional Arts ReEntry (CARE) Program

The CARE Project is a social enterprise program that markets and sells art work or crafts made by offenders who are either in prison or have transitioned to the community. 



LifeStiles® Vocational Inventory &
Offender Service Profile 

The LifeStiles® Inventory is an online assessment designed for offenders. It creates a vocational profile to match them to specific jobs and an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that identifies lifestyle factors putting them at risk of returning to prison. The IDP is used for joint case management with other service providers and supervising agencies to create continuity for the offender’s successful reentry to the community.

LifeStiles® Self-Change Program

The LifeStiles® Self-Change Program is a 24-class series that provides clients with the tools to master their thinking so they can make better decisions when they reenter the community. The program focuses on areas such as criminal thinking errors, pro-social skills, problem solving, and planning for a crime free life.


WorkNet Self-Directed Job Search

The WorkNet Self-Directed Job Search program teaches our clients everything they need to know about preparing themselves for the job market including how to conduct an online job search, resume preparation,  interviewing skills, and how to communicate their criminal background in an authentic and professional manner to an employer.


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