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Ruta's Bio:


My name is Ruta and I started drawing when I was in my early 20’s. When I got incarcerated back in 2002, I came in bitter and angry towards authority figures due to past experiences while growing up in L.A. As time went by and the years got shorter being in max custody/close custody for so long I needed to get into something to make time go by faster. So, I got back into drawing, and besides, music. Doing art is what kept me sane, not only in max & close but doing time, period. My artwork expresses my emotions when I’m frustrated.


March of 2020 will make 18 straight years for me of being incarcerated. Whenever I find myself getting angry or frustrated, I’d grab my pen and pencils and start going for broke on a piece of paper and whatever I’m feeling at the moment comes out on the paper.

Ruta 4268 - Art In Itself [Poster 12 x 16]