WorkNet, Inc.

Restoring Lives, Strengthening Communities

How WorkNet Restores Lives

WorkNet restores lives for offenders and other 

individuals transitioning from institutionalized 

environments back into community living.  

We provide wrap around services for our clients 

to live a self-sufficient lifestyle  through employment 

opportunities that support housing, basic needs, and 

personal growth.

WorkNet, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation founded in 2000 in Honolulu, Hawaii. WorkNet provides a diverse range of services through direct delivery or through inter-agency referral and collaboration. 

WorkNet specializes in providing offenders with services in vocational and risk profile assessment, substance abuse assessment services, cognitive skills training, employment training, community re-entry transition services, ID and document restoration, housing and job placement services. 

We work with offenders while they are still in prison and assist them in their transition into the community as well as those who are already in the community on furlough, parole, and probation.

We believe that prisoner re-entry services begin when the inmate initially enters the correctional facility and proceeds to the time the prisoner exits the facility. The process of returning the inmate to the community is accompanied by a discharge plan and transition management services.